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Tire Starcross 5 Hard Front 90/100 21 57m Bias Tt


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  • For hard, compact and rocky terrain
  • For the most extreme races
  • Ideal for use on hard terrain and compact soil commonly found on Supercross tracks.
  • High-tech performance
  • The innovative tread design maintains an equivalent contact patch whatever the lean angle, which provides more progressive handling in corners, and improved straight line traction.
  • Grip for hard surfaces
  • Suction grip tread blocks cause the rubber to reach operating temperatures quickly, helping the tires to adhere to very hard and slick surfaces.
  • A wider range of sizes for use on a wider range of bikes.
  • Up to 10% lighter compared to the previous generation 1

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Weight 9.35 kg
Dimensions 28.9 × 28.4 × 3.4 cm





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